Cantwell Artists Showcased at Downtown First Friday

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Art by Leaca Young.

First Friday featuring the art of two Cantwell artists: Sonya Bitz and Leaca Young. The art show is from 5pm-8pm on Friday, January 6 at the Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitors Center. 

Leaca Young is an intuitive artist who in Cantwell with her husband and two dogs.

She gathers inspiration from meditation, outdoors, journaling, reading, and just experiencing life by living in the moment. Each piece is painted with that painting evolving from layers and layers of acrylic paint. Inspirational words are on the face of the paintings and most of the time phrases that come to her mind are painted on the edge of each painting.

Sonya Bitz, originally from the American South, is an Alaskan artist living who also lives in Cantwell, Alaska. She stated that she’s a Carolina girl at heart, but has fallen in love with the beauty of Alaska!

Art by Sonya Bitz.

“I am a wife and a mother of two boys and one chocolate lab named Kimber. I graduated from college with a minor in art. My artwork is typically watercolor or acrylic and acrylic inks on canvas, but I don’t limit myself to using just one medium,” she said.

“I like to mix things up when I’m working and finish off my pieces with ink pens and gel pens and sometimes sharpies,” Bitz added. “My other hobbies are photography, art journaling, hiking, running, skiing, hunting and fishing and anything adventurous!”

Art fans can RSVP to the First Friday event here. The event is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served and there is visitor parking on-site. 

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