Co-Op Plaza and Empress Theatre


Become a Member in 2015.

The Downtown Association of Fairbanks provides year-round services, activities, and projects benefiting downtown businesses, patrons, and the Interior’s economy. We do our work through partnerships within the community, the most popular of which is membership in the Downtown Association. When you join, you are associating with businesses, owners, and community leaders to work on revitalizing activities throughout the year.

Last year, the Downtown Association:

  • Convened area businesses, local artists and individual donors, to create public art in downtown Fairbanks through The Window Project.
  • Hosted the third annual Downtown Market, which brings weekly excitement and activities to downtown’s riverfront.
  • Brought Fairbanks its first Progressive Dinner, where 109 Fairbanksans enjoyed locally grown food prepared in restaurants downtown.
  • Continued to operate the Community Service Patrol (CSP) while working to create a Local Improvement District to help fund CSP to keep downtown safe and clean.

This year, in addition to providing membership benefits, the Downtown Association will:

  • Offer new ways to advertise your business to benefit from the Downtown Association’s reach.
  • Help host “progressive” multi-venue events and parties (ex. Progressive Dinner, SantaCon).
  • Organize another public art project.
  • Continue to host the Midnight Sun Festival and the Downtown Market, while providing support for businesses holding winter events.

A fun, vibrant downtown is good for Fairbanks’ economy. Please join the Downtown Association of Fairbanks to unite community resources and bring popular revitalizing activity to downtown on every day of 2014.

We’ll see you downtown in 2015!


This application is intended for use by business owners, property owners, vendors, and nonprofit leaders in the Fairbanks area.

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