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The Downtown Association of Fairbanks and Project Fairbanks are proud to announce a new public art project titled Art in the Heart: Paint the Pipes with a completion date of September 24th, 2012. The Downtown Association recently committed to leading one public art project each year upon taking note of overwhelming interest in and support for new public art in downtown Fairbanks.

Art in the Heart: Paint the Pipes brings new sponsorship opportunities to highlight your business as an important advocate for downtown revitalization and local arts. This project addresses the nondescript vent pipes which vent the utilidor and stand adjacent to the streets and sidewalks of downtown. Art in the Heart: Paint the Pipes will pay artists to paint these pipes in the design and colors of their choice, subject to approval by a selection committee. (Submit Designs Here!) Only the highest quality designs from artists who can demonstrate successful completion of past projects will be chosen for Paint the Pipes. Artists will be paid a $300 stipend with all supplies provided. Donations will help cover these expenses, as well as advertising and promotions.

As a sponsor, the primary benefit to your business is prominent placement of your name and logo directly onto a painted pipe. This is a one-of-a-kind promotional opportunity that will literally put your brand directly in the line of vision of downtown visitors, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. Please see the sponsorship brochure for details on how to claim a full pipe, reserve half of a pipe, or contribute as a small business or arts organization.

This project has already sparked public interest and the buzz is just catching on. Pipe sponsorships are limited in quantity and offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. To benefit from the full promotional scope of Art in the Heart: Paint the Pipes, please contact me at your earliest convenience at (907)452-8665 or


  1. Hi!

    My name is Amanda. I heard about the project Paint the Pipes on the radio yesterday and I’m hoping it’s not too late to apply. I didn’t see a sign up page per say and the e-mail address i tried did not work. I would love to participate in the event! Preferably as an artist/painter. I do not yet have a design in mind but if you would like to look at some art I’ve done in the past, here’s the link to my page:

    If there are any spots open, even for a small section of pipe, please let me know. :)

    Thank you for your time and consideration!
    ~Amanda S. Asnicar

  2. Hi Amanda!

    Thanks for getting in touch- and for listening to local radio. You still have plenty of time to apply for this project, and can do so through this website. Just go to the homepage and click the “Art in the Heart” widget on the right. This will take you to more details about the project and the application for artists. Applications are due on August 20th. Thanks!


  3. I read in comments on another page that there were “phases” to this project and that in the “first phase” the pipes are a certain size. Does this mean there will be another round for artists to submit to? I ask because I am weary of applying due to obligations that minimize time before the unveiling. I would be much happier doing this in a time that would be less rushed for me.

  4. K- I am disappointed that the pipes have already been given to artists. I thought that the deadline was the 23rd….If there is an opening or someone doesn’t show up…Please give me a call….Since I have painted murals, warehouses, small pieces for sale, and teach art, a little pipe doesn’t present a problem for me. I would be honored to have the opportunity to paint one or more of the pipes. I assure high quality work and design.
    Thanks again for your time and consideration.



  5. Additionally, I had my previous artwork printed and designs depending on where the pipe was located for maximum visibility (and blending into the area). I again thank you for your time.

    If I am unable to paint this year please keep me posted for next year. ( I don’t know where I got the 23rd on my calendar)

    Wish me luck for Nationals next summer. I qualified in 11 track and field events, Archery and Horseshoes…(lol on the horseshoes)….

    As I said if some one drops out or doesn’t finish, I will be able to pick up the pace and get it done….

    Thanks again…rj

  6. Hi Lindsey! Thanks for your question, and sorry for the delay in response. There *may* be a second phase of the project next summer, but that hasn’t been decided yet. The pipes painted during that phase would be different sizes than the majority of those completed this year, because downtown has all types of pipes and we started with those that were most consistent in shape and size. Keep an eye on this website for any future public art announcements, or check in with us upon the completion of this year’s pipes. Thank you!

  7. Hi RJ! Unfortunately, the deadline was August 20th. We’ll certainly keep you in the loop about any upcoming public art project and opportunities we think might be a good fit for you, though- thanks for checking in!

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