2014 Membership Form

The First Unknown Family statue inside Golden Heart Plaza.


We’re happy to have you on board as a 2014 Member of the Downtown Association of Fairbanks!

Membership with the Downtown Association means that you support and subscribe to our mission of promoting, preserving, and revitalizing downtown Fairbanks. By joining us in membership, you take an important step toward realizing a stronger, more vibrant downtown!

2014 Member Application
(don’t worry- it’s quick and easy)
view a PDF of the application

The first link will take you to the 2014 Membership Form, which is made up of three sections. You’ll need to fill in your contact info and membership level, complete the Downtown Guide listing information (if applicable) and consider the new advertising opportunities we’ve rolled out for 2014. The form is safe and secure, and we’ll never share your information with anyone else. Please call the office at (907) 452-8671 if you prefer to apply over the phone or if you have any questions.

*Note: This application is intended for use by business owners, property owners and nonprofit leaders in the Fairbanks area. The Downtown Association will soon offer membership forms for individuals and vendors for 2014.

Thank you!

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