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The Downtown Association’s Board of Directors  is the governing authority of the organization and is responsible for directing, influencing and monitoring the organization’s business and evaluating its Executive Director.  The board carries out its governance role via monthly meetings where it monitors program and financial performance and enforces or develops policies.   The board is accountable for, and has authority over, the organization’s resources and activities.

The candidates for the 2014 Board of Directors seats are:

Drew Beguhl is seeking election to the Downtown Association Board for the first time. She and her husband Ken have lived in Fairbanks with their 2 children since 1998. After her husband retired from the Army in 2005, they chose to stay here in Fairbanks. They loved raising their children in such a great little “small town”. Growing up in a very large city, Drew really appreciates all of the advantages a little town of friends & neighbors has to offer! Drew is a grandmother of 6 and an antiques dealer at Lady Lee’s Antiques Emporium. Drew is not moving anywhere, and wants to see the downtown area thrive! She loves Fairbanks and will work hard to help the downtown area be THE PLACE to take our families!

Buzzy Chiu was elected in 2006. She has lived and worked in the Fairbanks area since 1978.   During that time she has been involved with the Boys and Girls Club, Stevie’s Place, Downtown Rotary, Farthest North Girl Scout Council, Explore Fairbanks (formerly the Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau) and the American Heart Association Go Red for Women. She serves on the City of Fairbanks Public Safety Commission and the Explore Fairbanks Tourism Committee.   She has lived and worked in downtown Fairbanks (managing the Bridgewater Hotel) for the past 10 years. She wishes to continue to help downtown Fairbanks be all that it can be in providing Fairbanksans and people that visit Fairbanks with an awesome experience. She wants downtown Fairbanks to be THE place to spend time in Fairbanks.

Frank Eagle was elected in 2009. He has lived in Fairbanks for 35 years and is a local restaurateur. Currently Frank and his wife, Kathy, own Lavelle’s Bistro and the Double Eagle restaurant at the Fairbanks Golf Course. He has served as secretary/treasurer of the board for the Downtown Association of Fairbanks. He was a member of the Fairbanks Public Safety Commission for eight years and has previously served on the Chena Riverfront Commission and the Fairbanks North Star Borough Planning Commission. Frank is passionate about Fairbanks, especially the development of a vibrant downtown, and enjoys golf, food and France.

Jim Hage was elected in 2011. He has been an appraiser in Fairbanks for 32 years, with his offices always located downtown. Jim has owned downtown properties for over 25 years and has a vested and personal interest in the core area. His extended family all live here as well as his 4 children. They all plan to stay. His interest is in making the downtown area a fun place to spend time including shopping, eating and attending events.

The full board is here.