Join the Downtown Associaiton of Fairbanks in 2021

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The Downtown Association of Fairbanks envisions downtown as a vital, energetic, attractive center of business and community. Downtown was on track to becoming that center of business and community before Covid-19. 

During and after Covid, downtown has amenities and traffic that will encourage businesses to open downtown and stay downtown when they move to a different space.  Downtown’s charms will draw visitor as they come. A good downtown is good for a community’s economy, and city government is warming to the idea of using its services as building blocks to help downtown grow and improve.  As the pandemic plays on, a vital, energetic, attractive center of business and community is still a good thing for the Fairbanks community.  Please help us make our vision a reality – please join the Downtown Association of Fairbanks at the level that makes sense for you now.

The Downtown Association plays important roles in revitalization.  Our 2020 Annual Report tells it all, but in brief, we:

  • Advocated that business needs for snow removal, maintenance and security are met by local government (which owns about 30% of downtown), and that infrastructure projects encourage downtown’s growth.
  • Partnered with the city since 2010 to finance the Community Service Patrol so that downtown and the community have a better response to the intensive needs of chronically inebriated people in public spaces.
  • Partied! by hosting large community events – we just hosted the Winter Solstice Fireworks for the community to enjoy, and we look forward to this summer’s Midnight Sun Festival.
  • Promoted member business promotions and business news on Facebook.


Please join today. We will keep you informed of our efforts to improve downtown. Thank you for your consideration as we look forward to a new partnership with you in 2021!