2013 Membership Form

Press Releases

2013 THE WINDOW PROJECT (PSA or press release)

2013 BP Midnight Sun Festival (PSA or press release)

2013 Local Markets to Double Food Stamp Dollars (PSA or press release)

2012 Downtown Winter Solstice (PSA or press release)

 2012 Downtown Annual Awards

2012 Paint the Pipes

2012 Paint the Pipes Official Unveiling

2012 Great Alaskan Nutcracker Chase (PSA)

2012 Downtown Winter Solstice

2013 Midnight Sun Festival Logo Contest (PSA or press release)

Reference Sheets

Parking Rate Poster (3 hours free / $4 all day)

2013 Downtown Summer Hours

2012 Downtown Summer Hours

2012 Downtown Travel Essentials

2012 Downtown Holiday Business Hours

Meeting Minutes

04/04/11- Attracting Visitors and Locals This Summer

03/24/11- Promoting First Friday

03/14/11- Events Committee, Topic: Downtown Market

10/05/11- Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

03/22/12- Events Committee, Topic: Midnight Sun Festival, Downtown Market & new summer events for 2012

04/16/12- Recapturing Downtown’s Market Share of Locals and Visitors

10/30/12- 2012 Annual Meeting Minutes

04/09/13- Summer Planning Meeting Agenda

Membership Committee

1/3/13- Membership Committee Minutes

1/17/13- Membership Committee Minutes

2/13/13- Membership Committee Minutes

3/20/13- Membership Committee Agenda

3/20/13- Membership Committee Minutes

4/17/13- Membership Committee Agenda

4/17/13- Membership Committee Minutes

5/22/13- Membership Committee Agenda

5/22/13- Membership Committee Minutes

7/24/13- Membership Committee Agenda

Public Arts Committee

2/07/13-Public Arts Committee Minutes

3/11/13- Public Arts Committee Minutes

04/08/13- Public Arts Committee Agenda

04/08/13- Public Arts Committee Minutes

05/06/13-Public Arts Committee Agenda

05/06/13-Public Arts Committee Minutes

5/20/13- Public Arts Committee Agenda

5/20/13- Public Arts Committee Minutes

7/18/13- Public Arts Committee Agenda

Events Committee

2/18/13-Events Committee Minutes

3/19/13- Events Committee Agenda

3/19/13- Events Committee Minutes

4/17/13-Events Committee Agenda

4/17/13-Events Committe Minutes

Best Practices

Flower Colors Announced!

Event Documents

Merger Documents

2012 Midnight Sun Festival Vendor Guide

2012 Midnight Sun Festival Contract

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