Arctic Traveler’s owner renovates former TCR Ivory storefront

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tcr ivory google capture
The Lavery-Stroeker Building as seen from 2nd Ave.

After more than fifty years, the former home of TCR Ivory is receiving a much-needed remodel.  The former storefront is located inside the Lavery-Stroeker Building on 2nd Ave. The building was purchased last July by Angelika Krinner-Croteau, the owner of Arctic Travelers.

The interior of TCR Ivory is all original, Krinner-Croteau said. While TCR Ivory first opened in 1979 (closing last October) the building was constructed in 1961. For context, Alaska had only been a state since 1959.

“I think it’s a thorough remodel,”Krinner-Croteau said. Her son, who is undertaking the renovations, is replacing the drywall, carpeting and giving the interior and exterior a paint job.  The interior was completely original, dating back to it’s initial construction in the 1960’s. Why the remodel? It’s simple, she said: “It needed it.” Krinner expects the remodel to be finished by May 1.

Arctic Traveler's 2016 ivory
Angelika Krinner-Croteau poses next to an assortment of Native Alaskan ivory carvings inside Arctic Traveler’s.

What does she think would be a good fit? “Any different retail,” she said. “Anything besides a gift store!”

Krinner-Croteau and her husband Richard have bandied about numerous potential uses of the renovated storefront. Office space? A recruiting office? A flower shop? “A flower shop would be about the greatest ever!” she said.

Whatever eventually finds it’s home inside the Lavery-Stroeker Building, Krinner-Croteau thinks something aimed at tourists would do very well. Tourism, it just so happens, is something she knows well. Her ten years downtown, situated along the hub of activity that is 2nd Ave., has allowed Krinner-Croteau to see the seasonal ebb and flow of tourist traffic.

“It’s prime property,” she said. “It’s located right in the middle of where summer and winter tourists come. I see the stream of tourists who walk past,” she said. “Whoever is next door is going to get some of that traffic, definitely.”

To potential renters, Krinner-Croteau says that steam and electricity are included. Interested parties can contact Angelika Krinner-Croteau at (907) 456-7080.