Aspects of Alaska: Interior Motives @ Co-Op Arts Learning Center

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The new Co-Op Arts Learning Center will feature Amy Reisland-Speer at their First Friday artist reception on June 1st from 5pm to 8pm. The show, entitled Aspects of Alaska: Interior Motives, presents paintings by Reisland-Speer, expressing her love and experience of Interior Alaska.

For Amy, making art is more than applying oil, egg tempera, or gold leaf. She creates art by interacting with her Alaskan environment, through a personal and lifelong experience. When asked about the focus for her show, Amy shared about the spirituality of ravens, love for the land she lives on, and her Athabaskan influenced upbringing.

When asked what Amy hoped to accomplish by doing the work for “Aspects of Alaska: Interior Motives” she said “I want viewers to realize how diverse my art is and can be. I paint huge colorful animals to the tiniest of insects, religious icons to spiritual ravens.”

Amy’s art heroes are Van Gogh, and her high school art teacher at Eielson High, Mrs. Mitchell. Mrs. Mitchell encouraged Amy to follow her heart with her art work. Kess Woodward had the most influence on her while she was working on her BA in Oil Painting, saying he was encouraging and always positive. Alvin Amason inspired Amy to experiment with color, to have fun and to be playful with her art. When she needs a “nudge” she refers to Bill Brody’s landscapes.

Amy earned an art degree in Oil Painting from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks in 2000. She is an award winning artist, and has several pieces in public and private collections. She continues expanding her skill and knowledge base through university courses, workshops and independent study. Plus, her countless solo shows and dedication to artistic expression promises “Aspects of Alaska: Interior Motives” will be a show not to be missed.

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First Friday, June 1, 2012- 5:00pm – 8:00pm


Co-Op Arts Learning Center 

535 2nd Ave, Suite 202