Downtown Block Party

Downtown Block Party

Thank you for your interest in the 2019 Downtown Block parties. These small, limited-entry events create a ‘pedestrian mall’ on 2nd Avenue between Venue and Noble Street on Thursday, May 16 and Thursday, June 20. Each Block Party will feature up to 20 food and merchandise vendors, non-profit fundraising and live musical performance.

Vendor set-up begins at 3:30 pm. Block Parties will take place between 5-9 pm. The event area re-opens to vehicular traffic at 10 pm.

Booth space for each Block Party is decided by an application, review, and acceptance process. Applications are reviewed with a goal of presenting a complimentary vendor mix. The Downtown Association reserves the right to assign booth space to promote the best mix possible.

Our promotional calendar drives our application/payment process.

For Application and payment due Vendors announced/promoted
May 16 Block Party May 12 May 13
June 20 Block Party June 16 June 17


Application and Submission

To apply and submit your application, call David at 452-8671 or email with the following information.

Booth Name

Contact Name

Mailing Address



Facebook page and/or website URL

What product(s) do you sell?

Do you need electricity?

Do you need to use a generator?

Agree to contract?

Email to your:

AK Business License

City of Fairbanks Business License

DEC Food Service Permit

Each Block Party is subject to its own application period. One application and one contract works for both Block Parties. If you do May, notify the Downtown Association inside of June’s application period of your interest in the June Block Party. Submittal of application does not imply approval; acceptance into one Block Party does not guarantee acceptance into another. Call (907.452.8676) or email with questions.

Fees and Payment

Booth fees are based on a 10′ x 10′ square. There will be 4′ of clear space between booths to allow for pedestrian movement between booths.

  • Retail / merchandise / non-profit vendor: $30, limit 1 booth per vendor.
  • Food vendor: $40, limit 1 booth per vendor. DEC food service permit must accompany your application.
  • Food trucks: $80. DEC food service permit must accompany your application

Payments can be made by local check written to Downtown Association and delivered in person or mailed to 542 4th Avenue, Ste. 204, Fairbanks, 99701. ($35 NSF charge). Or call 452-8676 with Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. There are no refunds if cancellation occurs.


1) Entry to Block Party area

Enter the Block Party for set-up at the barricades on 2nd Ave where our Traffic Control Supervisor will be working. Pull forward and out of the center of the street so that other vehicles may enter and pass. 

2) Parking

  1. Because scarce and convenient on-street parking should be reserved for downtown’s patrons on event night, vendors must park in off-street parking lots or the parking garage where event parking is free to you and all patrons (spread the word!).
  2. Vendors may park in a space close to tents during set-up, but then must relocate vehicles to either the garage or off-street parking for the duration of the event.

3) Trash is to be disposed of responsibly.

  1. Downtown Association’s trash receptacles are for public use, and Downtown Association employees will monitor and maintain these. Vendors are not to dispose of trash in Downtown Association garbage bins. Use your own garbage cans for disposal of your trash.
  2. No grease or grey water is to be disposed of in city drains or garbage cans. When you exit the Block Party, your grease and wastewater exit with you.
  3. Take your trash with you when you leave.

4) Provide your own booth needs (tent, tables, chairs), in addition to:

  1. Sandbags (or tent anchor). Tents must be weighted at the base of all 4 corners.
  2. Trash can and bags for customer use: Food vendors must bring one 40-gallon trash can for customer use to be stationed outside your booth. Take your trash with you when you leave.
  3. Extension cords and heavy-duty duct tape to secure cords to pavement if you are using local electricity.

5) Abide by schedules

  1. Set-up starts at 3:30 PM.
  2. Enter the Block Party for set-up at the barricades on 2nd Ave. Pull forward and out of the center of the street so that other vehicles may enter and pass.
  3. Vendors may only sell during the hours of 5-9 pm.
  4. Vendors are not permitted to leave early from this 4-hour event, and the Block Parties will be held regardless of weather conditions.
  5. 9-10 pm: Pack up booth and trash. Block Party ends at 9 pm, and road barriers are removed at 10 pm. Dispose of your trash in the city-provided truck.

6) Abide by all electricity and generator guidelines.

  1. Muffled generators are only allowed if the sound does not exceed 70 dB, and if manufacturers’ safety regulations are followed, and if it doesn’t cause air pollution issues. 

7) No subleases, or transfers, of booth space.

8) Booth fees are non-refundable.

9) Submit your Temporary Food Service Permit Application to AK Dept of Environmental Conservation.

  1. Vendors are not exempt from the regulations imposed by the State of Alaska Department of Health.
  2. DEC is located at 610 University Ave, Fairbanks, 99701, and their phone number is (907) 451-2123.
  3. No home-prepared food may be sold at Block Parties, unless DEC approved.

10) Maintain family focus at all times.

  1. Downtown Association reserves the right to restrict or relocate portions or the entirety of a booth, without refund, deemed unsuitable, unsafe, or objectionable.

11) Vendors are required to carry liability insurance.

12) The use of a gaming permit at Block Party events is prohibited without the prior permission of Downtown Association.

13) Downtown Association is permitted to use vendor’s business name in promotions for the Block Party.

This agreement is a contract between the vendor and Downtown Association, which is the event promoter. You the vendor have read, understood, and agree to comply with the letter and spirit of the Application and the terms of the Contract. Noncompliance will result in cessation of activity from the event and future events. You the vendor and reader signify that you are the responsible party authorized to 1) execute on behalf of their group 2) accept legal process on behalf of the group, and 3) will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Downtown Association, the City of Fairbanks, the building owner/tenants, parties, successors, assigns, personal representatives, and respective liability insurance carriers, and that they are not responsible for any damage, loss, theft of goods, or personal injury. This obligation shall include responsibility for all damages, costs and attorney fees, and is continuing in nature, extending beyond any of the events indefinitely. Downtown