Chocolate and Art Featured @ If Only

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Join the ladies of If Only…a fine store as they celebrate their annual Made in Alaska, You Bet! event.

This month, If Only features the works of more than 40 Alaskan artisans: from the botanical prints of IceWorm Studio to chocolate from Willit House, Fairbanks’ newest chocolate company.

See jewelry designed by Krystie DePue of Eagle and head bands and smoke rings from Qivuet Creations.

If Only…a fine store

Friday, May 1 | 5-8 PM

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  1. Not wishing to be negative by any means…but it would be a nicer art community if artists would be honest with each other, and not try to give other artists untrue information and purposely run them around without purpose…telling them one thing and then when coming to an event lieing to them!!!

    That is unprofessional…totally….or telling them who to see or what they have to drink or have to or do drugs,,,etc…again totally unprofessional…Dan

    Basically we could use more true love for each other,,,and less hazing!!! That is the truth,,and an understatement…lets not be babies we are supposed to be grown ups…most of us..

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