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On Monday April 5 the City Council postponed a vote on Resolution 4410, a government-to-government communication to the Borough about Ordinance 2010-09, which proposes to create new zone types in Borough code.  And at midnight on Tuesday April 6, the Planning Commission also postponed a vote to advance Ordinance 2010-09 with recommendations to the Borough Assembly.  City Council postpones vote on Vision Fairbanks zoning plan”.

So Resolution 4410 goes back to City Council April 19th and Ordinance 2010-09 goes back to Planning Commission April 20th.

Ordinance 2010-09 proposes two new zone types, as called for in the Vision Fairbanks plan.  2010-09 is not a rezone; it creates new tools in Borough code to assist in the revitalization of downtown Fairbanks.  The new zones affirm a property owner’s right to see their property appreciate in value by the complementary uses of neighboring property.  Resolution 4410, sponsored by Councilmember Bratcher and Mayor Strle is the City’s respone to the Borough’s ordinance.

Show your support for a better downtown.  Encourage the City Council to support Vision Fairbanks and to support Resolution 4410.  Great downtowns don’t just happen.  451-9931  452-2435  978-4723  452-8251 ext. 3005  460-1658  452-6461  459-6790

You’re invited:

April 19 The City Council will vote on City Resolution 4410.  Public testimony starts at 7 PM in City Council chambers.

April 20 – The Borough Planning Commission will vote on recommendations to Borough Ordinance 2010-09 for consideration by the Borough Assembly.  Public testimony starts at 7 PM in Borough Assembly chambers.

April 22 –Vision Fairbanks Work Group meeting, 4 PM in Downtown Association conference room, 410 Cushman Street.  Join the ever-growing citizen group advancing Vision Fairbanks implementation.