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Vision Fairbanks is downtown’s master plan.  A vote Monday night will reveal the City’s attitude to economic development downtown.

Up for decision is draft City Resolution 4410  which is the City's answer to revised Borough ordinance 2010-09 creating new zone types.  The City’s vote  on Resolution 4410 will either encourage or discourage the Borough’s ordinance and the progress of Vision Fairbanks.  The City’s Building Official recently wrote in a memo to Mayor Strle that the “. . . revised ordinance satisfactorily addressed . . .” nine of ten concerns and that the revisions “. . . removed the technical challenges from the development standards” within the ordinance. What remains to the City is a philosophical question:  can Fairbanks implement an economic development plan?

Please help resolve that question.  Show your support for a better downtown.  Encourage the City Council to support Vision Fairbanks and to support the Borough ordinance 2010-09.  cheapest generic viagra

” target=”_blank”>Great downtowns don’t just happen. 451-9931 452-2435 978-4723 452-8251 ext. 3005 460-1658 452-6461

You’re invited:

April 1 – the Vision Fairbanks Work Group meets at 4 PM in the Downtown Association’s Conference Room.

April 5 – public hearing and vote on Borough ordinance 2010-09 at City Council chambers at City Hall.  Public comment starts at 7 PM.

April 6 – public hearing on Borough ordinance 2010-09 at Planning Commission in Borough Assembly chambers.  Public comment starts at 7 PM.