City mulls financial support for the CSP

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At the November 23 City Council meeting, Council members heard testimony encouraging the City to assume a more active stance in supporting the Community Service Patrol (CSP).  The CSP plays an important role in improving the business climate in a defined area downtown and in transporting the concentrations of chronically inebriated people to appropriate points of care.

In years past, the City has supported the CSP with in-kind maintenance of the patrol van, small grants and additional pass-through grants from the Parking Authority.  Direct financial support would be something of a departure for the City, but a necessary measure to bolster the City’s efforts to improve the business climate downtown, r

educe cost- and duty-burden to essential police and emergency services, while meeting a social obligation for the welfare of those who cannot care for themselves.

The City can play a decisive role in stabilizing funding for 2010 and perhaps beyond – if needed.  Council members – especially Council member Vivian Stiver – appear willing to propose direct financial support for the CSP.  As the Council and Mayor work-through the 2010 budget process, please thank Council members for the City's past support and encourage the City Council members and Mayor Strle to extend to the CSP direct financial support in 2010.