Coup de Boule

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Want property information for 527 Fourth Ave.?
Call: 750-0407

What is The Window Project?
The sequel to last year’s Paint the Pipes project aims to highlight available properties in downtown Fairbanks through the sudden appearance of public art.

coup de boule w. signature

“Coup de Boule”
(Fr. ‘headbutt’)
Lucas Elliott

Design Statement:
This is a simple design of a ram walking away after coming to blows with the window. I wanted to create a piece where the art became more than just something that was on top of the window, but a part of it.

Author Bio:
While having recently moved to Anchorage to pursue the amazing life of a starving artist in a bigger city, Lucas at heart is still very much connected to Fairbanks. He has worked as a freelance artist in Fairbanks since 2009, and currently has art located across the city . In 2012, he received the honor of having his logo design be chosen for the 2012 Midnight Sun Festival. He was also chosen as 1 of 13 artists to participate the last project funded by the Fairbanks Downtown Association, the Paint the Pipes Project. With his work displaying humor and whimsy, the overall objective is to be able to create and tell stories that speak to all ages. Lucas is constantly striving to create new and imaginative characters that take hold of the viewer and show them new and exiting worlds.