Definitely About Downtown: September 22

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Open House
The Downtown Association of Fairbanks is hosting a Commercial Space Open House on Friday, October 7 from 5-7 PM. The event will give potential and current business owners a chance to see commercial space available for rent, lease or purchase downtown.

Featured properties are brokered by their owners or listed by Alaska Commercial Properties, Century 21, Coldwell Banker, Somers and Associates, The Hedgecock Group and Tom Roberts Realty.

The Downtown Association will maintain a booth during the event, distributing both open house information, as well as First Friday details.

Alyeska Pipeline Celebration of Lights
We’re pleased to announce that Alyeska Pipeline will continue their title sponsorship of the Celebration of Lights fireworks display. The event will be on Sat., December 17. Businesses are encouraged to recommend a suitable time for the show.

Oktoberfest downtown
It’s time for Oktoberfest, a traditional 16-day Bavarian festival celebrating autumn and all things beer. While far from Europe, Alaskans love their beer and relish the days before winter. Featured here are several downtown venues celebrating Oktoberfest!

Parking trap fixed
As an example of the slow improvement to on-street parking being undertaken by the City of Fairbanks, witness this simple sign re-location to fix the parking “trap” at 1st and Noble.

The signage on the left has been brought forward to the curb (in the same plane as its partner on the right) indicating that only a cars’ length is available for parking. The cartoon sign indicates the previous, long-time location of that left-hand sign. Unseen, many patrons of downtown understandably supposed they could park to the corner.

We suspect fewer people will try that now, and more parking patrons will be happy with their experience downtown.