Downtown Winter Solstice

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The season of light and joy is right around the corner, and downtown is gearing up for a December filled with festive Saturdays! This year we are looking forward to even more celebratory fun culminating on December 21st, Winter Solstice.

We will be reporting on how the event is taking shape on If you can be involved, whether through activities, sponsorships, or volunteer support, please go to the website and let us know what you’d like to do. With your help we can pack downtown this December with celebrations, decorations, and a festive fun time.

December 5th: Like always the month of December will start off with a Window Decorating Competition. If you do not have a window in the downtown core and would like to participate in the Window Decorating Competition, we may be able to locate a window for your use. We are proud to have the involvement of Pets for Santa in the downtown area on the 5th and 6th of December in the Sadler's Home Furnishings building. The Interior Freight Dog Association will also have an event on the first Saturday of the month with a Weight Pull in Big Ray's parking lot.

December 12th: We will celebrate the ice and snow all

Saturday, December 12th. All creative snow and ice activities and events, are welcome! Ice sculptures, ice bowling, luminaries, and street vendors are all part of the plan for the second Saturday in December.

December 19th: On the third Saturday of December we will be focusing on Fairbank’s wide spectrum of winter sports. We want to encourage a variety of individuals and teams, to participate in our Winter Sports Festival. Dog sleds, skiing, skating, snow machining, curling, snow shoeing all in the same place and day would be an incredible experience to have in our downtown arena. We will invite many different Fairbanks groups to participate in this festival.

December 21st: A Winter Solstice tradition. Live music, reindeer, Santa photos, a welcoming downtown atmosphere and a fabulous fireworks display to finish the downtown December Winter Solstice. From 4PM until 8PM.

We will be promoting December downtown on Solstice Saturdays through TV, radio and newspaper advertisements, guides, posters and on the website.

Please email or call Kara Nash, or go to our website if you can be involved. Let’s make this a Solstice to remember!