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Vision Fairbanks is downtown’s master plan.  Through a series of decisions and votes this spring and summer, our civic leaders will reveal their attitude to economic development downtown as the first two pieces of Fairbanks’ downtown revitalization plan moves forward.

First up will be a revised Borough ordinance creating new zone types.  The City’s Building Official recently wrote in a memo to Mayor Strle that the “. . . revised ordinance satisfactorily addressed . . .” nine of ten concerns and that the revisions “. . . removed the technical challenges from the development standards” within the ordinance. And the Borough’s Planning Commission got acquainted with the proposed zoning ordinance at their March 16 work session.

What’s next?

April 1 – the Vision Fairbanks Work Group meets at 4 PM in the Downtown Association’s Conference Room. 

April 5 – tentative – public hearing and vote on a hoped-for resolution supporting Vision Fairbanks ordinance 2010-09 at City Council at City Hall.  Public comment would start at 7 PM.

April 6 – public hearing on Vision Fairbanks ordinance 2010-09 at Planning Commission.  7 PM in Borough Assembly chambers.

June ?? – scheduling at the Borough Assembly has yet to occur.

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  1. As a downtown Fairbanks business owner I believe it will be necessary to close downtown bars and liquor stores in order to create a safe and wholesome environment for increased downtown tourism and retail business development. This may be an unpleasant topic, but one that must sooner or later be faced if we are to truly improve our civic center. Many other cities both large and small have faced this problem as you no doubt already know.

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