About Our Market (FAQ)

What new summer event will help both locals and visitors engage with downtown Fairbanks? How to create new buzz on the streets? Is there a way to bring more local foods to the heart of the city? What meets the needs of residents and employees who finish work each day and are looking to socialize with friends, family, and coworkers?

The Fairbanks Downtown Market was started in spring of 2011 by the Downtown Association of Fairbanks Community Services (DAFCS) as a project aimed to bring more energy, fresh produce, and activity to downtown Fairbanks on a traditionally “slow” night. The Market came on the heels of  a request from tour operators for more events that allow guests to mix and mingle with Fairbanks locals, especially in the evening.

Early discussion began with the City of Fairbanks, Festival Fairbanks (a nonprofit that manages Golden Heart Plaza), and downtown businesses. The Market met with widespread enthusiasm and support from the start. Staff at DAFCS researched markets across the country, chose the Golden Heart Plaza as a location, applied for permits, talked with local vendors about logistics like setup and token systems, and gathered support from downtown businesses.

The Market opened in June of 2011 and continued throughout the summer, with a season extension into September due to popular demand. Beautiful weather, hardworking vendors who helped spread the word, and fabulous demonstrations and performances by local musicians and groups throughout the summer made the first season a success.

Why Choose the Downtown Market?
The Downtown Market represents all the traditional benefits of a farmer/craft market including increased access to fresh foods, support for Interior artists, community building, and healthy social atmosphere while also fitting within the greater mission of downtown renewal. It’s uniquely situated to tackle these and other challenges in a fun way that has direct benefits to nearby employees, residents, and businesses. Because the Market is operated by a long-standing nonprofit (DAFCS), it comes complete with professional staff support and year-round management.

For customers, the access to nearby shops, restaurants, and activities is unmatched, and makes for a great night of shopping and dining out or meeting friends for drinks after the Market. Food stamps, credit cards, and debit cards are accepted by the Market on behalf of all vendors, which makes for greater convenience and accessibility to Market patrons.


Golden Heart Plaza
1st Avenue


Mondays, 4:00-8:00 PM


Downtown Association of Fairbanks
(907) 452-8671



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