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Event Date

Sunday, June 23rd 2013- Noon – Midnight


Early Registration: As a prior-year participant, you are privileged to a 14-day exclusive EARLY REGISTRATION opportunity to register for the 2013 Midnight Sun Festival. January 18th through February 1st, privileged vendors are granted Right of First Refusal to reserve space in the festival. If you are a vendor who would like to move to a different booth, you have the option to sign up for your 2012 booth during early registration and ask to switch on the first day of OPEN registration.

Open Registration: Registration period for the general public begins February 1st. The registration deadline for all vendors wanting to participate in the festival is 5:00pm on May 1st.

Booth Types

All booth locations are a 10’ x 10’ space and you provide all booth materials.

Retail: Booths that sell merchandise. Only prepackaged food may be sold from a Retail Booth.

Food:  Booths that sell food that is not prepackaged. All food booths are required to have a food permit. Submit your Temporary Food Service Permit Application to AK Dept of Environmental Conservation by 4:30pm June 14th. DEC is located at 610 University Ave, Fairbanks AK 99701 (907.451.2123). Food and Snack vendors must comply with health and fire regulations. No home-prepared food may be sold at the Festival. Foods/beverages requiring preparation, portioning, or heating at the Festival require a Food Booth. DEC will inspect booths prior to noon June 24th

Non-Profit: Booths that are affiliated with a non-profit organization and that are for informational purposes only.

Campaign: Booths that are affiliated with a political organization and are informational only.


Booth prices are as follows. There is a 2 booth limit for all booth spaces excluding food.  Payment must accompany application: a minimum 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a booth, and full payment must be received by May 1st or booth will be forfeited.

Retail: 1 Booth- $220, 2 Booths- $330

Food: 1 Booth- $500, 2 Booths- $750, 3 Booths- $1,000, 4 Booths- $1,250

Non-Profit: 1 Booth- $100, 2 Booths- $200

Campaign: 1 Booth- $200, 2 Booths: $300


Each booth comes with a complimentary t-shirt. Additional t-shirts for vendors are $15 prior to the festival day. T-shirts are required to be worn by all booth personnel to help brand the festival.  S – XXXL available. Simply pick up order when you sign-in the morning of June 24th at Downtown Association’s booth.

Event Day Schedule

Streets close to public traffic the night before so Festival staff can mark all booth locations; therefore only entrance of trailers is permitted (see time below.) In early June you will be provided with a scheduled move-in time slot based on your designated booth’s location to reduce traffic congestion.

9:00pm –  10:00pm: Trailers may arrive and park in booth location the night before the festival and must fit in booth space.

7:00am – 9:45am: Vendors arrive; unload; and go park . Again, you will be notified of your specific setup time in early June.

10:00am – Noon: Please pick up your complimentary Festival t-shirts at Downtown Association’s booth and have all booth personnel wear the Festival t-shirts to help brand the Festival. Unclaimed t-shirts are subject to resale at noon.

11:00am: Booths must be setup with vehicles removed from streets. Festival will turn vendors away if entering festival after 11:00am. Vehicles left in the event area will be towed at owner’s expense.

Noon – Midnight: Vendors may only sell from noon to midnight. There are safety, security and insurance issues involved in this rule. A warning will be issued at the first violation of this rule. Subsequent violations will result in denial of future participation in the Festival.

Midnight – 1am: Pack-up booth and trash. Festival ends at midnight, but you can start moving out after 11pm provided NO vehicle is brought into the area until midnight.

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