From Palette to Palate @ S Salon & Studio

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From Palette to Palate

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Words flowing across the stark paper expressing the reasons I am to be called an artist. Seems a simple task but to me an insurmountable assignment. That is why I became an artist. The art form is my language uncomplicated with spelling and grammar but honest and truthful. My vocabulary is found carved in the wood I use for the printmaking process.

I am bringing life to it mainly in the form of landscapes and animals. Alaska has been my home for over 30 years and the breathtaking beauty of its natural wonders has always intrigued me. My artwork includes acrylic paintings. Every stroke of paint I apply to the canvas takes me back to my trips to Chicago. At the age of 19, I toured the galleries in that great city and was awestricken mainly by the impressionistic painters such as Monet and Seurat.

While working on my masters of fine art which I completed in December 2009, my focus was printmaking and a four year project of a room divider emerged, mainly based on wines. When I travel, the elements around me nourish my soul and great wines nourish my palate.

I am challenged to create the images I not only see in person but of those places I have yet to travel especially in Alaska. This land intrigues me like no other. Its vastness, its majestic images all beckon an artist who tends to blanket himself in solitude. My focus is to use “my language” throughout my life. My art is my voice. The non-verbal communication with man and nature is my comfort zone. My artwork will never end as it sharpens my senses and brings me completion. Come, see and enjoy the journey with me.


First Friday, December 2nd, 2011- 5:00pm – 8:00pm


S Salon & Studio

901 Cushman Street