Gone to the Dogs @ The Dawg Wash

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A First Friday Art Show That’s Gone To The Dogs!
It’s no April Fool’s Day Prank. This is one First Friday Art Show that’s all about pooches. (People welcome, too!) The Dawg Wash, Blue Ribbon Grooming and self-serve dog washing facility in downtown Fairbanks will host watercolor artist Kate Wood on Friday, April 1 from 5pm to 8pm.

The show, Peek at the Pups, will feature the artist’s most recent pet portraits, and greeting cards. Kate will also take orders for commissioned pet portraits, so be sure to bring your pet’s favorite photo along!

Kate grew up in a creative household, and has been painting since she was a small child. “I remember sitting on a stool, my feet not yet able to touch the floor, and painting. I always had a paintbrush in my hand.” Kate went on to attend Art School after her high school graduation, and has spent a lifetime working as an artist. When asked about her uniquely colorful style of painting, Kate answered, “I like to see things in shapes and forms and colors. Color is everywhere. I can’t look at black or white, and not see many other colors. Colors are not stagnant; even black and white objects are made up of other colors.” Kate’s an animal lover, and she’s been painting animal portraits for a lifetime. “Demand for pet portraits have increased lately,” says the artist. “There’s never any shortage of dogs to paint.”

The evening promises to have plenty in store for your pet, too. There will be treats for the dogs, and humans too! (All dogs on leashes are welcome.) Blue Ribbon Grooming will also be

● A Mini Seminar on the basic needs for your dog’s personal hygiene. (Their first seminar, with more coming in the future.)
● How to instructions for:
Cleaning ears
Cutting toenails
Checking for issues with the derriere

Come and join the April Fool’s fun at the Dawg Wash, located behind the S Salon at 541 9th Avenue in downtown Fairbanks. Call 479-3294 for more information.

Artist Contact Information:
455-0285 (studio)
455-0284 (home)
388-3646 (cell)


First Friday, April 1st, 2011- 5:00pm – 8:00pm


The Dawg Wash, Blue Ribbon Grooming

541 9th Avenue