Gulls Perch

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What is The Window Project?
The sequel to last year’s Paint the Pipes project aims to highlight available properties in downtown Fairbanks through the sudden appearance of public art.

Gulls Perch

“Gulls Perch”
Iris Sutton

Design Statement:
Gulls like many birds migrate long distanced to live in Alaska in the summer and far away in the winter. They have pushed the edge of existence to evolve and flourish despite such a traveling feat. This Gull is also testing the edge of bird style in his pink plumage as he patrols the edge of his territory.

Author Bio:
My painting is inspired by my life here in Alaska. It is where I was born and raised and now raise my own daughter. As a year-round outdoor enthusiast I enjoy painting both the landscapes and the wildlife of this state. As a musher and nature observer I am constantly fascinated by the great variety in personalities and mannerisms of the individuals in a cohesive team or family. Even seemingly similar individuals are always so very different when you really get to know them. These distinctions and individualism are mirrored in ourselves. Using color to express those differences has infinite possibilities and makes for some beautiful paintings.