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Under a filing with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska, Aurora Energy proposes to charge for steam heat what it charges for hot water heat.  If approved, the rate charged for steam heat could eventually double.  According to Aurora Energy, the steam heat rates have not been adjusted for over twenty five years.  It says the cost to its customers of hot water and steam heat will still be lower than any other alternative source of heat available in the Interior.

The comment period on Aurora’s filing closed June 25th.  The public may still comment, though the impact of late comments is necessarily unknown. 

If you are concerned about escalating energy costs downtown, use this sample DOC or sample PDF to start your comment to the Regulatory Commission.  Mail your comments to both Aurora Energy and the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.  For more information, call Buki Wright at Aurora Energy at 452-8767; and visit the RCA’s page devoted to this filing.