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Want property information for 400 Cushman St.?

What is The Window Project?
The sequel to last year’s Paint the Pipes project aims to highlight available properties in downtown Fairbanks through the sudden appearance of public art.


Maryanne Babij

Design Statement:
Edges as a part of a greater whole; forming complex patterns and relationships.

Author Bio:
As a temporal creature living a temporary existence, I attempt to experience each moment to the fullest capacity possible. To successfully share these moments through visual representation is a pinnacle I strive towards, everyday. I embarked upon my pathway to art as a child, making Ukrainian Easter eggs…raw egg, beeswax, dye, and candle flame. I progressed with these patterns to watercolor inks and paper, utilizing traditional designs on a flat surface. None exist any longer, as my entire portfolio perished in a city -wide flood that displaced my Mother and I in 2008; the watercolors returned to the water. It seems strange to me to have moved from this ancient medium to a digitized realm, from earth to ethereal. I embrace this change and eagerly devour each new opportunity.