Local Textures

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What is The Window Project?
The sequel to last year’s Paint the Pipes project aims to highlight available properties in downtown Fairbanks through the sudden appearance of public art.

Local texture

“Local Textures”
Jennifer Moss

Design Statement:
Original photographs taken in Fairbanks and around Alaska. Textures in the context of this piece are vignettes into moments, places, and things that describe the periphery, the perimeter of life in Alaska. Textures are inviting and ask the viewer to slow down, take notice of the margins and stay a while. There is potential on the edge of every moment.

Author Bio:
I am interested in the layering of textural landscapes from the very small to the very large. Abstracted layers of meaning are presented through the spaces of deconstructed and rewoven ideas inspired by potential for new experience. The interrelationship between these textural moments and our community center is exciting to me. My art is influenced by graphic arts and design, which is my long time profession. Living in the great land of Alaska for the past thirty years has been a wonderful experience and has provided lots of inspiration. The long, cold, dark, and monochromatic landscapes of winter are a canvas for the imagination. Digital design is a natural medium for exploring the creative in this sometimes stark environment.