Marbled Assemblage

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What is The Window Project?
The sequel to last year’s Paint the Pipes project aims to highlight available properties in downtown Fairbanks through the sudden appearance of public art.

Marbled Assemblage

“Marbled Assemblage”
Philip Glowa

Design Statement:
Marbled Assemblage is a piece that literally plays with the concept of an edge. The surreal forms are composed of manipulated edges from marble tables, warping them into an elegant bouquet that is eye catching in its disorienting, yet aesthetically pleasing nature. The texture of marble suggests elegance and sophistication, contrasting the glitchy grittiness of the dithered digital medium. This play between elegance and roughness well reflects downtown Fairbanks in this time of change and renewal. The stony textures used compliment many of the large concrete buildings in downtown Fairbanks, as well as referencing the importance of geology in this region. The piece is rooted in Fairbanks, but is inspired by and participating in the movement of global, uprooted, digital surrealism. The bold forms and the unconventional use of semi-representational images draw the eye immediately, in search of identifying what it’s seeing, but find abstraction. This attention will draw the viewer into contemplating the art’s placement in downtown Fairbanks and reconsider the space.

Author Bio:
I am a multimedia artist working in many different mediums. I have taken up digital art and glitch art to explore the interaction between the internet, the history of digital graphics and internet subcultures. I have a passion for experimenting with and manipulating images and working with them in ways that are unconventional, yet aesthetically sound.