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Brianna moved to Fairbanks when she was 10 years old. Her paintings have been exhibited at Chartreuse and S Salon, and she has helped create downtown murals at Chartreuse and Tommy’s Elbow Room. Last summer, she painted an indoor mural for Tanana Valley Clinic. You can find her work on her website, Etsy, and Facebook.

Q: What design experience do you have?

I spent a year in Portland learning graphic design and I realized I absolutely hate designing art on computers. But it’s still exciting to me and it’s still a creative process that I have to have in my life. I can’t just paint, just illustrate- I have to do everything. It’s just one of those extra outlets for me. It’s nothing new- I’ve been designing logos and t-shirts since I was in high school.

Q : Can you tell me about the process of creating this logo?

I took one of those beautiful afternoons and ran downtown and parked at Chartreuse and took all these pictures of the buildings because I knew I wanted to literally represent downtown Fairbanks. I wanted to stick with my roots and have (the logo) feel like it’s hand drawn. I took my photos and hand drew it and did the coloring and editing on the computer.

My design is not necessarily a logo. My design is made for a t-shirt. When you do just a logo design and put it on a t-shirt, I feel like it’s unbalanced and it just lives in the bottom of the drawer. I want my design to be worn- I want it to be cool enough and rad enough to be worn all over town.

Q : How does this logo represent the Midnight Sun Festival?

It’s busy and that’s what happens with downtown – it just shuts down and there’s this mass of people. The hand drawn aspect has an old time feel that downtown has but the logo is also urbanized and modernized with the colors I chose and how I detailed the buildings. It has a rock-and-roll feel with the banner. I wanted to encompass all generations- because you get everyone down there (for the festival).

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