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Damien is the Orientation Coordinator at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He worked in marketing for a collegiate hockey team as an undergraduate and supervises the student graphics department at UAF.

Q : Why did you enter the logo contest?

I like doing design for fun- especially logo design. It’s a nice change of pace and something to work on in my free time. (The festival) is kind of an iconic event in Fairbanks and it was fun to develop something for it.

Q : What inspired your design?

When I do logo design I think of very intentional elements. I think logos should be instantly recognizable. You want logos to work at any size, and to print on a variety of materials and textures. I made sure the colors worked together – yellow and white are light and work on any dark background. You can emphasize the black around the statue, clock tower, and text which makes it bold when printed on colors. I just wanted to keep in mind that it should be able to work in different media. I also wanted something that was concise and iconic so I used the sun to frame everything and included the statue and guitar strings.

My theory and philosophy with logos is to keep it simple, keep it clean, and make it eye-catching. I think (this logo) does all of those.

Q : What’s your favorite thing about the Midnight Sun Festival?

My favorite part is the festival atmosphere of such a big event. There’s so much excitement and it’s an opportunity to really celebrate the long summer and enjoy it.

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