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Jennifer teaches 6th-12th grade Spanish in Fairbanks and is most experienced in fabric arts. She loves to knit and crochet and recently took up sewing. You can find her needlework on Etsy.

Q : Why did you enter the logo contest?

I entered the logo contest because I always love a challenge. I recently designed my own logo to represent the crocheted work that I sell on Etsy. It was a fun process so I thought I would try it again. I’ve never entered an art contest before so I am very excited and thankful to have been chosen as one of the six finalists!

Q : How do you think this logo represents the festival?

The sun beaming out from behind the black raven is significant to me as this is our last celebration before we start losing hours to the winter darkness. The festival is a time to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and sunlight with friends and family!

Q : What’s your favorite thing about the Midnight Sun Festival?

My favorite thing about the Midnight Sun Festival is the Midnight Sun Run and seeing all of the great costumes! Last year a guy dressed as a bagel beat me, which was slightly discouraging… but I had fun anyways!

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