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Kaleb teaches guitar lessons at Music Mart on Noble Street. He has taken art classes at University of Alaska Fairbanks and is open for freelance design work. His girlfriend deserves credit for encouraging him to enter the logo contest.

Q : Can you tell me about the process of creating this logo?

Insomnia is my special technique.  As far as design consideration goes, I tried to make a logo that would look nice on a T-shirt.  The navy blue portion of my design would actually be clear negative space and thus would be the color of the T-shirt it’s printed on.  It could be swapped out for brown or any dark color, and still have a similar effect.

Q : How do you think this logo represents the festival?

The different panels of my design depict the sun at different hours of the day. The lowest sun is the midnight sun. It hovers over my rendition of the Downtown Association’s logo which portrays Fairbanks. An all-seeing raven, the intelligent, beloved nuisance of downtown Fairbanks, overlooks the glorious sight with mysterious wisdom. It all kinda makes you feel good.

Q : What’s your favorite thing about the Midnight Sun Festival and/or downtown Fairbanks?

 My favorite thing about downtown Fairbanks is the Midnight Sun Festival.

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