New Business Feature: Active Alignment Massage Therapy

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“Erin Tilly’s ability to find and solve the body’s problems is like magic!” says one review. 

“Her knowledge is incredibly extensive, and she always seems to be taking more classes in her field,” says another. Among all of her 5-star social media reviews you will find one perpetuating theme: dedication to the tasks associated with healing bodies of their aches and soreness.

We arrived a few minutes early at Active Alignment Massage Therapy, Erin’s new space downtown. Through the window of her studio, which peers out onto 3rd Avenue just across from the parking garage, we could see the grey daylight bouncing off of the cork floor boards. There is a small, light-bathed yoga practice space nestled between two massage rooms. Erin was just finishing with a client; they were poised on yoga mats inside of this space, awash in the bleak light of a grey morning while last fall’s leaves tossed themselves in circles outside the bay window. Client and therapist discussed home methods for addressing achy hip flexors, Erin watching closely as her client took remedial shapes. 

Active alignment is a common philosophical term found in the language of practices that focus on the health and well being of the physical body. This philosophy ties itself closely with Erin’s mission of handing the tools for relief of the body’s aches and pains to her clients. This is precisely what she’s doing inside the walls of her revolutionary new space. “I’ll work on them for an hour or so, and then we get on the mats and practice things they can do to help themselves,” she says breathily, beaming, as she changes the bed sheets in one of her massage rooms. Crisp, bright, and clean white sheets float up and land neatly as Erin tosses them with precision. She fills the room with her equally pleasant energy. 

Erin is as knowledgeable as her personality is enjoyable. Her website lists her qualifications: a 3,000-hour certification, current state and national certifications, and continuing education. Because of this, Erin is able to offer treatments in her office which incorporate a variety of massage styles, including Myofascial Release, Swedish, Cranio-Sacral, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, DermoNeuro Modulation, Pre-natal and pregnancy rehab, Sports Massage, Surgery Prehab/rehab, and massage for neurological conditions. She has studied the interaction of pain and biomechanics with Greg Lehman, Ligamentous Articular Strain Techniques, Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapy, and has become a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner. 

As the sole representative of Active Alignment Massage Therapy, Erin seeks to coalesce with fellow therapists, yoga teachers, acupuncturists, and people working in the field of healing. She hosts bulletin space for those in the field to advertise their upcoming classes and workshops, as well!

We are so pleased that Erin has brought her brilliance, knowledge, and business ethics to downtown Fairbanks! Please visit her website to explore insurance payment options, and to book a session. Chances are, you’ll catch one of us coming or going! 

Active Alignment Massage Therapy

455 3rd Ave., 99701

(907) 888-2344