New Vision Fairbanks zoning type proposed for downtown

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Borough Mayor Luke Hopkins is expected to introduce to the Borough Assembly on January 14th the draft zoning ordinances that embody the Vision Fairbanks Development Standards developed over the course of twelve months by Fairbanksans in consultation with downtown revitalization consultant Crandall Arambula.

The draft ordinances will create ground rules for land use downtown to protect the investment environment.  They are intended to foster “a compact, pedestrian-oriented town center consisting of a high-inte

nsity employment center, vibrant and dynamic mixed use areas, and residential living environments that provide a broad range of housing types for an array of housing needs; and a place that represents a unique, attractive, and memorable destination for visitors and residents; and enhancement of the community’s character through the promotion of high-quality urban design.” 

Adopting a new zoning type is a critical first step to downtown revitalization.  The Assembly needs to advance the draft ordinance – as directed by the ordinance – to the City Council and the Borough Planning Commission for Fairbanksans to consider if new zoning types are a good thing.  If you have contributed to the Development Standards’ creation or participated in Vision Fairbanks – of just want a more vibrant downtown – stay tuned!