Open North American Sled Dog Races @ 2nd Avenue

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The GCI Open North American Championship (ONAC) is the premiere sled dog sprint   race in the world, attracting the best sprint mushers from the United States, Canada,   Europe, and Japan. The three-day race is run every year in March from downtown   Fairbanks, Alaska, with heats of 20 miles the first two days, and a grueling   30-mile heat on the final day.

The ONAC is the oldest continuously run   sled dog race of any kind in the world. First run in 1946, the 2010 race   was the 65th running.

from the Alaska Dog Mushers’ Association website.


March 9-11 – Limited North American Championships
March 16-18 – 67th annual Open North American Championship


2nd Avenue


(907)457-MUSH (457-6874)