Outside the Lines, Brianna Reagan @ S Salon & Studio

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My newest paintings are more than paint on a surface—they are duality personified; they are full of juxtapositions and layers, in theme and in approach. Each painting is loose, yet detailed. Ambiguous, but defined. A convergence of unlike thoughts and concepts into something vaguely familiar. I cultivate my imagination and push it into new territory as a way to come up with the unique and original works that feed my artistic cravings.

My paintings are also a convergence of mediums and disciplines, existing together in a symbiotic relationship, per se, building off of each other, strengthening the painting as a whole. This multiple-discipline approach satiates all my needs as an artist–I’m not having to be a painter here, a designer there, and an illustrator in between. This approach also affords me an outlet for my self-admitted OCD, effectively allowing me to focus all that energy towards something tangible.

While producing these new works, I consciously worked toward eliminating the inhibition of the “grown up critical eye”, defying the filter that had me editing or dismissing concepts of my own imagination. This inward rebellion is important to me, and to the integrity of my work.


First Friday, Septemeber 2nd, 2011- 5:00pm – 8:00pm


S Salon & Studio

901 Cushman Street

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