After 14 years, Schumaker steps down from MTCVC directorship

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Lina Demoski (left) and Cindy Schumaker (right) showcase one of Demoski’s willow root baskets during a 2017 Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitors Center event.

After 14 years, Cindy Schumaker is stepping down from her position as executive director of the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center. However, while she’s stepping down from one position she’s stepping up into another! Schumaker will now be down the hall, working in the Tanana Chiefs Conference Cultural Programs Department. While there, she’ll work hand-in-hand with Dixie Alexander, the cultural program director, to build and fund the cultural programs.

“We always promised to fill the Morris Thompson Center with cultural activities,” said Schumaker. “Now that the Center is fully-funded and running smoothly, I’m ready to take on a new challenge of building a revenue stream that will sustain these programs for the long term,” she added. 

Schumaker’s new office is inside Suite 126 at the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center. She can be reached online at and at 907-459-3741.

The search is underway for a new executive director. Job details can be found here.