The Edge of Cosmos

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The sequel to last year’s Paint the Pipes project aims to highlight available properties in downtown Fairbanks through the sudden appearance of public art.

The Edge of Cosmos

“The Edge of Cosmos”
Sara Karl

Design Statement:
To me, “edge” is not only a physically property of the world but it is also a mental boundary. We commonly hear the phrase “to the edge of the universe” but what does that really mean? I wanted this piece to capture the depth of the universe, to show that there is no edge except for the one we create in our minds. The 21st century is unlike any other century the Earth has seen. Humanity is going above and beyond any boundaries that were thought possible 100-200 years ago. The mental edge is a unique part of human nature; someone is always “jumping off” and discovering new things. The circles in the design are representative of planets and stars. They support the idea that the “edge” of something is a mental boundary because a sphere has no true edge. Purposefully abstract, I wanted the design to represent less of the physical world and more of the imaginative, mental world and how coherent it is with outer space. I chose to add butterflies to the design as a symbol of transformation that occurs when one jumps off their own mental edge and accepts challenges with no guarantee of the future.

Author Bio:
Being an extremely visual person, creating art is the one thing that helps me really express myself. I find myself to be truly content when I am creating something with my mind and my hands working together. I have completed a 2D design portfolio my junior year of high school that received a score of 5 on the AP scale, and being a senior this year I plan to complete a 3D design portfolio. Digital design, painting, and costume/clothing design are the things that interest me most in the visual arts and I hope to pursue a fine arts path in college. I wouldn’t be this successful skillfully and mentally without the support from my family, friends and amazing art teachers along the way.