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The community economic development plan called Vision Fairbanks has generated much interest this election cycle. The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner’s order cialis

target=”_blank”>candidate questionnaire and the Tanana Valley League of Women Voters’ candidate forum (story on KUAC) were both heavy with downtown issues.

All candidates for City Council and City Mayor are conversant with plan details and claim some level of support for the plan. Several candidates for City office have a voting record on a pair of implementation measures meant to ‘set the stage’ for economic development downtown. Since the plan’s adoption in August of 2008, there have been two votes on Vision implementation in which incumbent City Councilman Bernard Gatewood, incumbent City Mayor Terry Strle and mayoral candidate and sitting Councilman Jerry Cleworth cast votes.

The first was on February 9, 2009. Resolution 4353 sponsored by Councilman Cleworth would have stopped the effort to convert Cushman and Barnette streets to two-way traffic circulation. (Vision Fairbanks calls for converting downtown’s roadways to two-way traffic.) The resolution failed and the vote was as follows:

AYES: Roberts, Stiver, Cleworth

NAYS: Bratcher, Gatewood, Eberhart, Strle

The next vote came April 5, 2010. Resolution 4410 co-sponsored by Mayor Strle and Councilmember Bratcher signaled to the Borough Assembly the City’s qualified support for the addition of new zone types in Borough code. (Vision Fairbanks calls for creating new zone types.) The resolution passed and the vote was as follows:

AYES: Roberts, Eberhart, Gatewood, Bratcher

NAYS: Cleworth, Stiver