MAC Federal Credit Union sponsors high school job fair

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MAC Federal Credit Union is sponsoring a Get REAL Financial Reality Fair at West Valley High School on Tuesday, April 21, from 8–11 AM.

The Get REAL Financial Reality Fair works with students on making decisions focusing on different aspects of their life, including keeping a budget.  High School students today face a more complicated world when it comes to finances and budgeting.  Organizers see this event as an opportunity to prepare students for the financial reality of their future.

The event provides students an opportunity to:

  • Identify the job they intend to have after school.
  • Work with an income and learn how to budget to provide for their financial future.
  • Make decisions on housing, food, transportation, utilities, clothing, and luxury items, etc. and account for those decisions on their budget.
  • Interact with local business people who lend a touch of reality as they relate with students, selling cars, furniture, or other goods and services, and forcing them to make hard but realistic choices.
  • After facing the reality of balancing their income and expenses they are given an opportunity to meet with a financial advisor to review and balance their budgets.

Students will also have to make decisions about housing, transportation, health insurance, food, clothing, entertainment, household items, charity and pet ownership.

West Valley High School

Tuesday, April 21, 8-11 AM